Monday, 5 March 2012

Welcome to Sandilands

This is my beach hut, it is made from DHEs Summer house. I wanted it to be somewhere you could escape to and have a brilliant relaixing day by the sea. It is nowhere near complete yet as i am struggling to find the right minis for it.

I have painted it in a nice sky blue with white trims, to try and make it look fresh looking.

Inside i have used blue stripey wallpaper and added a big seaside image to the whole of the back wall, to make a bit of a feature wall. I have also added glittery blue floor to add some sparkle.

I found a perfect bed at york fair, i loved the colours and new straight away it was the one. I 1st saw it at York last June and loved it but didnt have anywhere for it to go, as i wasnt making my beach hut then. And then after i had finished my wallpapering and carpeting i new the bed would go perfectly. I tried contacting the seller but u was wasnt very good at explaining what it looked like, so they couldnt find it. Then when i went to York in November the bed was there again, so i bought it straight away. here it is in place in my beach hut.

First attempt at jazzing up a dresser :)

This is my 1st go at jazzing up a dresser, i have loved all the dressers that Paula has made (so much so that i bought one ) So i thought it was about time i had a go myself.

I used the plain dresser that i bought at York Fair for £5. Spray painted it a lilac colour, added scrapbook paper to the backs and then used scrapbook paper to make the buntings. The drawers need another coat of spray paint, but i am really chuffed with the result.

I think i am going to put it in Cosy Cottages bathroom and am hopefully going to buy loads of bathroom goodies (bottles etc) at Miniatura to fill it up.

This is how the dresser looked when i bought it -

This is it after -

And this is it in place in Cosy Cottage Bathroom -

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Cosy Cottage (April Cottage from DHE)

This is my favourite dolls house. I have called it Cosy Cottage and it has a shabby/girly chic style. This house still needs a lot more details adding but i am very happy with it so far. It is April cottage from DHE and is a quickstyle kit. I would eventually love to add the barn to this but i dont have anywhere to put it at the minute.

The Kitchen

This is Cosy Cottages kitchen, i have used pink and blue mosaic tiles for the floor and scrapbook paper for the walls. The kitchen units are from DHE and the tabke and chairs are from ebay.

The Living Room

I have used similar colours in the living room, i have only just started this room and it is very empty at the minute. The wallpaper is scrapbook paper again, it has a white carpet and the settee and chairs are from Hong Kong via ebay :) There is a wicker chair hiding in the corner too

Master Room

This is the master room, i have used quite neutral colours but with pretty flowers. I got the bed from York Fair and i love the flower pattern, i have matching curtains aswell.

Girls Room

The girls room is a very pink room, it is meant for a teenager, the bed is from York fair again and the dresser is a ebay find, i want to fill this room more and make it look more lived in

Baby Heidi's Room

This is Heidi, she was bought from ebay from Seller Abbiss7927, she goes perfectly with Cosy Cottages lemon nursery.

I found a wicker crib at York Fair, and the nursery came about from this 1 piece. I have since purchased lots of wicker from Cute and Crafties and added some toys. The wallpaper is Peter Rabbit. This is my favourite room of Cosy Cottage, and i love it :)

Welcome to my blog

Hi, my names Marie, and welcome to my dolls house and miniatures blog. I love looking at other peoples blogs, so thought i would make one so i can keep all my progress and pictures together :)

I am currently working on 7 dolls house projects and it gets very confusing trying to remember where i am at with each one and what i need to work on.

This is my 1st ever dolls house - Bernards House. It is a regency dolls house.

My uncle made me this house when i was 4 years old, i used to play with it a bit, but it got put away till i was older. I finally got it out of the loft last year and since then i have been hooked on miniatures. This house is too big to fit anywhere at the moment so i have bought other smaller properties till i can find a place for my uncle Bernards House :)