Monday, 5 March 2012

First attempt at jazzing up a dresser :)

This is my 1st go at jazzing up a dresser, i have loved all the dressers that Paula has made (so much so that i bought one ) So i thought it was about time i had a go myself.

I used the plain dresser that i bought at York Fair for £5. Spray painted it a lilac colour, added scrapbook paper to the backs and then used scrapbook paper to make the buntings. The drawers need another coat of spray paint, but i am really chuffed with the result.

I think i am going to put it in Cosy Cottages bathroom and am hopefully going to buy loads of bathroom goodies (bottles etc) at Miniatura to fill it up.

This is how the dresser looked when i bought it -

This is it after -

And this is it in place in Cosy Cottage Bathroom -

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