Monday, 5 March 2012

Welcome to Sandilands

This is my beach hut, it is made from DHEs Summer house. I wanted it to be somewhere you could escape to and have a brilliant relaixing day by the sea. It is nowhere near complete yet as i am struggling to find the right minis for it.

I have painted it in a nice sky blue with white trims, to try and make it look fresh looking.

Inside i have used blue stripey wallpaper and added a big seaside image to the whole of the back wall, to make a bit of a feature wall. I have also added glittery blue floor to add some sparkle.

I found a perfect bed at york fair, i loved the colours and new straight away it was the one. I 1st saw it at York last June and loved it but didnt have anywhere for it to go, as i wasnt making my beach hut then. And then after i had finished my wallpapering and carpeting i new the bed would go perfectly. I tried contacting the seller but u was wasnt very good at explaining what it looked like, so they couldnt find it. Then when i went to York in November the bed was there again, so i bought it straight away. here it is in place in my beach hut.

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